About Us

We provide turnkey solutions for a full range of housing needs and support services. Our service levels are second to none; we maintain our properties to a consistently high standard.

Our history

Stef & Philips was established in 2005 as an estate agent servicing the areas of North London.

In December 2012 we embarked on a journey to build circa 300 accommodation units each year for the Social Housing sector.  We have exceeded our target year on year and today we can proudly say we provide accommodation for over 2,500 residents.


Given the quality and flexibility of our business model, we are able to work on a variety of housing schemes that provide exceptional value to commissioning authorities, clients and the communities in which they live.


We truly believe our growth and success to date is the result of great team effort in every area of our work.  Our staff is the centre of everything we do.  Each plays their own special part, applying their unique skills to the pursuit of one common goal – to stand together and deliver a service that will change lives


As our client base continues to grow across the country, we are opening regional offices in order to maintain the high level of service we are recognised for.  March 2015 saw the opening of our Colchester office which covers the Essex region, with plans for further offices in the near future.  Integrity, Client Care and Professionalism have remained our guiding principles throughout.