Investment Property With Guaranteed Rental Income
For 3 – 9 Years

No void periods. No maintenance costs.
Just peace of mind.

With Stef & Philips, your rental income is guaranteed for up to 9 years. This is possible because of the long-term management contracts and leases we hold with Local Authorities, Housing Associations and other regulated organisations. With returns of up to 8%, it’s one of the smartest ways to invest.

  • Guaranteed rent whether occupied or not
  • Monthly rent paid direct to landlord’s account
  • All general maintenance taken care of & cost covered by S&P
  • Guaranteed income from 3 to 9 years
  • Fulfilling all statutory requirements
  • Fully managed with no management fees
  • All utility bills and council tax covered by S&P
  • Guaranteed vacant possession at the end of the agreed term

Our Process

Interested in making an investment?Contact Stef & Philips on 020 8882 8372 or email us to learn more now.