Social Housing

A Leading Provider of Social Housing Solutions across the UK

Our philosophy is simply based on three key principals: Integrity, Client Care, and Professionalism. Stef & Philips specialises in providing accommodation to local authorities and charitable organisations.


A Leading Provider of Social Housing Solutions across the UK



Operations and Ethics

We work with local authority services to provide practical solutions which represent both Best Value for Money to the council, and a high standard living experience for families and individuals in housing need.

We will work with local authorities anywhere in the country to address their specific housing needs, adjusting and readjusting the model to suit their requirements.

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We endeavour to ensure a number of things; Accommodation we provide is of a good standard, it is suitable and affordable for families and individuals to live in, it accurately addresses the needs of the individual local authority, and enables our partner councils to meet their financial obligations, to reduce the use of B&B and provide BVFM (Best Value For Money). We pride ourselves that our supply of accommodation also includes the provision of support for vulnerable households.

Our Properties offer:
  • Suitability of properties considered and designed by our in house architects
  • Construction/Refurbishment to a good specification
  • En-suite facilities.
  • New fixtures and fittings.
  • Due regard to energy efficient installations
  • Fully compliant with all Building Regulations, Fire Brigade consultation and approval for every property. Health & Safety compliant, interlinked smoke/heat alarm system (Grade-A where required). Electrical, Gas safety, Emergency Lighting, Fire Detection certificates and EPC completion certificate, Construction/Refurbishment carried out by S&P’s own construction team
Our Services Includes:
  • Full management and maintenance services.
  • Detailed check-in procedure for service users and a clear/concise list of Do’s and Don’ts.
  • Weekly visit by our Maintenance team for cleaning of all communal areas.
  • Weekly visits by a Stef & Philips Housing officer which includes; Inspection of the internal and external communal areas, Inspection of accommodation units, Welfare checks, Support where required. .
  • We also provide a 24hr x 365 days telephone number for out of hour’s emergencies.
  • Service users are encouraged to call the office number during working hours for any issues.
  • A Mother & Baby Welcome Pack’ for mums with cot age babies or expecting mums.
  • Notice board or information pack providing details of all local services.
  • Clear advice on responsible waste disposal, information about waste collection, location of utilities. In addition to the council’s bin collection, where required, we also establish a private contract for collection and recycling of waste.
  • Regular communications with council officers to minimize void rates and ensure the best use of accommodation.
  • Tenancy support and sustainment for tenants, including assistance with housing benefit/universal credit claims, debt advice, support agency referrals and income maximization.
  • All work is carried out by S&P’s staff, all our staff is subject to an enhanced CRB/DBS check.

Every local authority has its own particular needs, and they address these needs by initiating different types of housing schemes. Each scheme is different in terms of property type, service needs, support needs and a rate the local authority would pay. We also work with local authorities away from London, in wide spread geographic locations. Although, local authorities have very pressing needs, S&P’s established ethos is to work with each and every local authority in a close professional working partnership. To supply suitable, affordable, accommodation for people in need.

Staff at Stef & Philips have had training on the following: Safeguarding Children and young people Act 2004, Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults 2014, Welfare Reform Act 2012, benefit cap, The Homelessness (Suitability of Accommodation) (England) Order 2003, Housing Act 2004 HMO HHSRS (Housing Health Safety Rating System 2004) updated policy Oct 2018, Tenancy management, GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation 2018), Equality 2010 Act, and Mental Health Awareness.

Stef & Philips staff have built up good relationship with Local Authority Officers that we work with, this is based on mutual professional trust. Properties are monitored and occupancy checked, any anti-social behaviour by clients is dealt with and Authority Officers are informed accordingly.