How is Stef & Philips responding to COVID-19?

What are the current government guidelines regarding self-isolation?

Please follow the links to the NHS or Government websites for the most recent self-isolation updates.

What if I test positive for COVID-19?

If you or anyone in your home has tested positive for coronavirus or are required to self-isolate, it is important to contact us on 020 8882 8372 or complete our online form to notify us.

How is Stef & Philips responding to COVID-19?

We are continuing to follow coronavirus advice and guidance issued by the government. The health and safety of our tenants, clients, contractors and staff is our main priority. All our staff are taking the highest level of precaution to minimise the risk of infection to tenants and others. Our Board of Directors meets regularly to ensure we are responding quickly and continuing to protect and maintain our services.

We urge you to follow government guidance and guidelines to keep yourself and those around you safe and well.

If we need to visit your home, our staff will always: practice social distancing in line with government advice; carry and use personal protection equipment (PPE); wash and sanitise their hands before and after ending their visit to the property following NHS/government guidelines.

We aim to keep everyone safe, so our colleagues may politely remind you to join us in practising social distancing and any other measures required.